Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rogue and Aerobic Training for Newbies

Most people assume that aerobic exercise is specifically suited for women's fitness the same way that weight lifting appears more suitable for men's fitness. What few people realize, however, is that this form of exercise is essential to both men and women. There are many other misconceptions about cardio that have been circulating in public, but hopefully the facts below will serve to enlighten you about the real deal behind this type of exercise.

Rogue Exercises do not always consist of dancing routines -

A lot of guys understandably shy away from aerobic exercise because most types of it seem to be just another form of dancing. You have to understand, however, that dancing-like routines are not all there is to aerobics. It may only seem like that way because women largely make up the population in your fitness club, and as such your fitness club is just offering what the majority wants.

If so, you can sign up for a personal training program that could introduce you to others and more "manly" types of exercise that will work you heart and lungs like boxing or kickboxing. Also, if it makes any difference, "cardiorespiratory, cardiovascular exercises or cardio" is just another term for aerobics. You could always refer to your routine as such if it makes you feel any better.

Rogue Training also causes a number of other changes that increase your aerobic capacity:-

(1) Increases the number of capillaries feeding your muscles so that blood is delivered more effeciently
(2) Increases the number of red blood cells and the total volume of blood, thus increasing the total amount of hemoglobin greater, allowing more oxygen to be delivered
(3) At the cellular level, improves the ability of muscle cells to use aerobic metabolism
(4) Increases both the number and size of mitochondria in the muscle cells
(5) Boosts the activity of enzymes within the mitochondria that are needed for aerobic metabolism and fatty acid breakdown
(6) Increases the availability and transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria
(7) Increases triglyceride storage and oxidation in the muscle
(8) Builds up the muscle cells capacity to burn fatty acids to produce ATP (Adenosite Tri Phosphate). Using fatty acids instead of glycogen delays the onset of muscle fatigue
(9) Increases the ability to store glycogen

By the way, just before few hours ago - I came across one website @ Rogue Training by BodyHEAT

Andy Fradelakis is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and holds a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition   and Exercise Science.

You can also find the @ Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/roguetrainingny

Friday, April 20, 2012

Atypical Depression Symptoms Treatments

What is Atypical Depression? - 

It is a form of depression that does not differ too much from major depression, but it does differ enough to be noted as a separate form. It characterized by weight gain, heavy limbs, tiredness, grogginess and sensitivity to rejection is more common than we think.

Atypical Depression Symptoms -

(1) Overeating versus not feeling hungry and hypersomnia instead of insomnia

(2) You will most likely still feel lonely, sad and withdrawn

(3) It can interfere and destroy a persons life just like regular depression can and it should be treated as soon a possible

(4) Poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits, fatigue, weight gain, and feel their emotions are more or less affected by outside events.

(5) Leaden paralysis of the arms and legs.

(6) Increase in appetite with a weight gain of ten or more pounds

(7) Long term pattern of sensitivity to rejection in personal situations that causes social or work related withdrawal

Atypical Depression Treatment -

(1) Psychotherapy can help with the sleep and eating issues.

(2) Monomine Oxidase Inhibitors are safest effective treatments more so in Typical Depression. Due to a possible Tyramine reaction, patients are placed on extremely rigid diets.

(3) Trycyclics are an older form of antidepressant medication and have been used to cure it
(4) Herbal supplements include herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other nutritive substances, come in capsule form can surely help you.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Psychotic Major Depression Symptoms

What is Psychotic Major Depression? -

Its a subset of major depression, where the depression has a co-existing form of psychosis. Its defined as a flawed view of reality.

You may find that some of the symptoms of psychosis include delusions, visual hallucinations or auditory hallucinations.

Psychotic Depression Symptoms -

(1) He/She is concerned that something is terribly wrong with his or her body, will claim that something is wrong with his or her physical health.
(2) Paranoid delusions and delusions of guilt are the most common signs of this illness.
(3) Some of experience delusional guilt believe that they are being punished for past misdeeds.
(4) Word salad or meaningless speech
(5) Schizophrenia are loose associations, flight of ideas and echolalia which is repeating what others say.

Depression with Psychotic Features Treatments -

(1) There are a variety of different medications that are used to treat individuals that suffer from this severe form of depression.
(2) With perfect cures, patients can stabilize the varying moods that the individual experiences.
(3) The medications used for this form of depression include antidepressants, antipsychotic medications, and special neuroleptic medications.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Postpartum Depression Definition Symptoms Quiz

Postpartum Depression Definition -

Post-Partum Depression is a depressive disorder experienced by some women following childbirth.

Post Natal Depression or 'Baby Blues' affects new moms usually within the first few days or weeks after giving birth.

It is a form of clinical depression and can last for a week, months or even a year in some cases.

Postpartum Depression Symptoms -

(1) New mothers might experience feelings of negativity towards their baby and lose interest in their son or daughter
(2) You might find yourself worrying that you are going to hurt your baby all the time
(3) Drastic or sudden weight and appetite changes
(4) Lack of motivation and loss of pleasure
(5) Sleep patterns change, some people might sleep more than usual, some might sleep less than usual
(6) Flirting with suicide, thoughts of suicide and the like
(7) Guilty feelings and feelings of worthlessness

Postpartum Depression Quiz helps us to ascertain whether we are suffering from this disease in the first place or not, and once the fact has been established, and it is found that depression is present, then the depression quiz also helps us ascertain the exact type and symptoms experienced.

How long does Postpartum Depression last -

It could last for many months, might last even up to a whole year. He/She will certainly feel as if this condition will not go away.

Nevertheless, we also need to make an effort to emerge out of our clinical-depression by engaging in healthy behaviors.

Postpartum Depression Exercises Treatments -

Physical exercise, meeting people and keeping yourself busy are a few of the main steps you can take to deal with it.

Control your sleep habits. Retire to bed early during the night and get out of bed early. Try to get up prior to 8 AM in the mornings and go to sleep by 10 or 11 PM during the night.

Make a plan to keep your brain occupied. An empty mind is a devil's workshop and it will continue going over doubts and harmful thoughts. Engage in some beneficial work.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Premature babies have most common breathing difficulties found -

Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Idiopathic RDS
Hyaline Membrane Disease

RDS main cause is a lack of surfactant which is a substance that keeps the lungs of the premature baby open so that she is able to continue breathing.

It coats the air sacks inside the lungs allowing the release of carbon dioxide and the absorption of oxygen into the lungs to then be absorbed into the blood.

Surfactant is produced naturally by normal healthy mature lungs and a premature baby's body is too immature to produce this important thick liquid. Lungs mature very late in gestation and the earlier a premature baby is born the greater the problems that may arise.

When severe respiratory distress develops fairly acutely in a previously healthy person as a result of edema in the interstitium and alveoli it is termed ARDS.

This disorder is known by several names such as shock lung, wet lung, etc, since it may accompany different conditions such as shock, septicemia, inhalation of irritant gases etc.

The risk of RDS in the newborn can be assessed antenatally by the estimation of lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio (L/S) in the amniotic fluid. Administration of corticosteroids to the mother before delivery reduces the risk of RDS in the newborn.

Ayurvedic medicines for Respiratory Depression Symptoms can be used to improve treatment outcomes in ARDS and increase the chances for survival and a complete recovery. Since these patients are seriously ill, all medicines have to be fine-powdered and administered through a naso-gastric tube, along with honey and milk.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Respiratory Depression Symptoms Definition

The miracle of opioid pain relief is fatally limited by tolerance, addiction and Respiratory System Depression.

Opioids cause respiratory depression in the individual as it affects the specialized respiratory neurons in the brain.

Along with the common adverse effects, opioids have many possible uncommon adverse effects.

Uncommon or infrequent adverse reactions in opioid abusers include dose-related respiratory depression, bad dreams, hallucinations, seizures, urticaria, urinary retention etc.

Smell of alcohol or kerosene, severe respiratory depression, circulatory collapse, convulsions, constricted pupil, Cardiac arrhythmia's etc.

Liver diseases, respiratory depression, and spontaneous abortion are caused by long-term use of Opiates.

Toxic effects of nalorphine include respiratory depression, hypertension, drowsiness and hypothermia.

Signs of increasing magnesium levels are hypotension, nausea, vomiting, depressed reflexes, respiratory depression, and coma.

Any analgesic capable of causing respiratory depression should be avoided if patient already shows any signs of respiratory impairment.

The program undergoes new inclusions and revisions on information on how to treat respiratory depression in infants at the time of birth.

Effects on central nervous system include drowsiness, coma, convulsions, and vomiting.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hematoma Treatments - Let's Cure it Perfectly

Hematoma - Its medical term for collection of blood under the skin, and in the muscle or inside an organ.

Usually, the blood tends to collect when blood vessels rupture.

It can occur in any part of the body, and therefore, there are many kinds of hematomas.

The most serious kind is the one that develops inside the brain, can occur in any part of it, based on the location of the hematoma, it is named.

Generally, It occurs when a person sustains a traumatic injury on the soft tissue of the body.

It has been seen that people who have weak blood vessels are more prone to developing hematomas.

The skin often gets discolored and may appear bluish or black in color.

The site of the hematoma will be painful and inflamed. When a hematoma occurs in the brain, it may or may not causes symptoms.

However, after a few days of sustaining the injury, the person may complain of headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, dilation of pupils, and drowsiness.

The treatment for hematoma is dependent on the type of hematoma, its size and its location. If the hematoma is superficial, then it may not require any treatment as it generally heals on its own in a few days time.

To alleviate the pain, ice packs can be applied to injury site many times a day. This will also facilitate the healing process. In case the hematoma occurs in the leg, then ice pack will help, but the person should restrict the movement of the affected leg.

Putting a compression bandage on the injury site will facilitate in the blood being resorbed by the body.

In case the hematoma is large, then a surgical procedure would have to be conducted to drain out the blood. This is also true for hematomas that develop after an invasive surgery.

If the hematoma is present within the soft tissue of the brain, it is treated as a medical emergency. If the size of the hematoma is small, then the patient will be carefully monitored as the hematoma is often resorbed by the body without any medical treatment.

However, if the hematoma does not disappear on its own in a few days time, then a small surgical procedure is necessary. The neurosurgeon will drill a small opening in the skull and suck out the accumulated blood through the hole.

However, if the hematoma is located in the dura, then craniotomy is required where the skull is surgically opened to remove the accumulated blood.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Natural Weight Loss Supplements that work Improved Ways 2012

Improved way of Natural Weight Loss Supplements is one that shapes our body in less time by doing right things on right time.

Improved way of Natural Diet Pills is not only give you the innovative experience of doing things in different manner but also helps your body will be in shape and it will define the body of every women in curve.

Only doing diet control will not help you in making your body in silhouette but it need to take care of every human body should do diet control, taking regular healthy products which should include all the necessary things in a complete diet food as well doing some physical work will make you very active and fit.

Everyone want to look attractive and beautiful now a days but first they have to think about their personality because it is very important to look perfect and smart for that we just need to see how we are taking care of our body and physique.

Doing exercise and proper diet is not sufficient one thing more that you have to take is enhancement of energy like some supplements that helps your body to do certain things and control your rates for metabolism.

One important thing that should be kept in our mind is water.

Pure Water plays an important role in our body and helps to fight every disease and bad health conditions.

Vitamin, protein, calcium and other things that our body required is necessary that’s why diet control and proper diet plays a important role in every human body.

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Pomegranate Juice Benefits Nutrition

Pomegranate is a fruit originating from the Middle East. It is used as folk medicine in many cultures. It is cultivated in many countries such as Japan, Afghanistan, Russia, India and China.

Considered as one of the earliest fruits that have been cultivated along with grapes, figs, olives, and dates somewhere between 4000 B. C. E and 3000 B. C. E., pomegranate continued to be an emblem of fertility, rebirth, and health.

Pomegranate Juice Benefits Nutrition -

(1) It may help reduce the risk of having a heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes.Pomegranate juice daily may help support the normal blood flow to the heart.

It keeps bad cholesterol from forming, and thus, may help keep the arteries clear of clots.

(2) It may help support the body's normal defense in the prevention of certain cancers. Since It has very high levels of antioxidant called "flavenoids" that is thought to be effective in counteracting various cancer-causing radicals.

(3) It may help reduce the risks for illnesses such as atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, and diabetes.

(4) It is a rich source of various vitamins. Pomegranate is a good, natural source of vitamins A, C and E as well as folic acid.

(5) It may helps to slow down the aging process and beneficial in maintaining the elasticity/health of your skin

(6) Prevention of breast cancer from being formed. This juice has positively reduces lung cancer risks and it also slows down the possibility of prostate cancer. The juice also benefits the brain and it slows down the possibility of Alzheimer's disease. Drinking the juice of pomegranate juice also immensely benefits the neonatal brain of the unborn child.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Urticaria Treatments Types

Its an annoying form of allergy that is caused by an adverse reaction to an external stimulus.

While treatable, It can be challenging to both the patient and the doctor because the cause is not often easy to identify.

Cholinergic form of skin hives is fairly common out of all of the different forms of chronic urticaria. It's been estimated that about 11% of chronic urticaria sufferers will have cholinergic urticaria. It's main trigger is outside heat causing an internal rise in body temperature. Emotional stress is also a major contributor, but cholinergic urticaria is often times also known as exercise induced hives, because physical activities like yard work or hitting the gym can also bring it on.

Chronic condition that causes hives to develop on the skin. The skin reaction is characterized by pale and slightly raised wheals or swelling, which is often surrounded by redness with borders that are clearly defined

Commonly the skin condition is triggered by insect bites, stings from bees, or foods such as nuts, peanuts, shellfish, or eggs.

Its until now was a major problem even to doctors, researches and the biological institutions. It was a major hurdle in development itself and until now was incurable.

Its rare condition, which until recently couldn't be treated, very complex disorder, and it's still not clear what is causing it exactly.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Health Benefits of Cinnamon for Diabetes Weight Loss

Benefits of Cinnamon -

It has many purposes and has an unbelievable benefits including brain health, preventing ulcers and of course cinnamon for weight loss.

It has ability to make the body more insulin resistant.

It has been shown to help keep blood sugar levels stable and recommends to diabetics to help control their insulin levels.

I read lots online positive reviews from many people who already used cinnamon supplements had better blood sugar balance than those who only received prescription supplements for this condition.

The active ingredient in from it which known as "cinnaldehyde" helps to prevent blood platelet clotting which protects the heart.

Anti inflammatory effect makes very heart healthy spice to incorporate into your diet.

Now a days you can buy easily it in many different forms likes,

Cinnamon Sticks, Powder without the sugar, Tea Bags etc.

It has a very distinct taste and you may find it hard to get used to the sugar free so its an idea to move slowly from the sugary one to the sugar free. One and half teaspoon of powder daily can also lower cholesterol and keep you feeling healthy.

Cinnamon Bread -

This type of delicious bread that can be used as a dessert or a breakfast. It is also sometimes called Monkey Bread.If you want to have a nice added touch, make some powdered sugar glaze and drizzle over the bread.

Cinnamon Cupcakes -

With delicious cupcake recipe that is also very impressive to serve at a dinner party or upcoming holiday event. The cupcake is cinnamon, then I dug out the center and filled it with caramel and then topped them with vanilla butter cream frosting.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guttate Psoriasis Causes Symptoms

Its type of psoriasis that looks like small, salmon-pink drops on the skin.

Its name derived from the Latin word gutta, meaning drop. Its not contagious and may be inherited, usually occurs on the trunk, arms, or legs and may cover a large portion of the body.

The trigger to the disease is usually a streptococcal infection. It can break out and disappear without ever returning.

Fewer than 2% of those with psoriasis have the guttate type. It's more common in children and adults younger than 30 years. Boys and girls are equally affected.

Those with a family history of psoriasis have an increased chance of having the disease. Some people carry genes that make them more likely to develop psoriasis.

People with this condition may have a significantly higher number of human leukocyte antigens BW17, B13, or CW6 than others.

Small, salmon-pink drops usually appear suddenly on the skin 2-3 weeks after a streptococcal infection, such as strep throat or tonsillitis.

The drop like lesions usually itch.

The outbreak usually starts on the trunk, arms, or legs and sometimes spreads to the face, ears, or scalp. The palms and the bottoms of the feet are usually not affected.

Nail changes, such as pits and ridges, which are characteristic of chronic psoriasis, may be absent.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Peripheral Vascular Disease Symptoms Treatments

What is Peripheral Vascular Disease -

Its a medical term referring to some vascular diseases affecting the peripheral blood vessels.

Its an obstruction of large arteries, can result from atherosclerosis, inflammation problems, an embolism or blood clot formation.

It usually causes a lack of blood supply, either chronic or acute with four stages,

(1) being mild discomfort when walking
(2) being severe discomfort when walking
(3) being discomfort when resting
(4) being severe discomfort when resting

Peripheral Vascular Disease Symptoms -

weakness in muscles
cramping in muscles indicating low blood flow
sores or ulcers that heal slowly or not at all
change in limb color and temperature
diminished hair growth on the affected part

Smoking of tobacco, diabetes, elevations of total cholesterol, elevated blood pressure and various inflammatory mediators are main causes.

Critical Limb Ischemia - Patients with this condition have a risk for CLI, in which the blood supply is not enough to maintain vital tissues, leading to their death and putrefaction.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Olive Oil for Skin

Olive Oil Tone is best natural cure you can use for dry skin.

Light and mildly antibacterial oil, like the oil produced by our sebaceous glands.

We can replace it with your moisturizer because of its rich in polyphenols: antioxidants that check the spread of free radicals, or damaging substances caused by sun exposure, pollution, smoking, and alcohol.

It doesn't contain irritants such as perfumes or dyes.

Apply liberally on particularly troublesome spots for conditions like wrinkles and stretch marks.

Apply a generous amount of olive oil on your hands at night before going to bed. Wear a pair of cotton gloves, and go to sleep. You'll be amazed at how much better your hands will look in the morning.

Face Mask - Add a few drops of olive oil to clay mud or mashed avocado, then apply the paste to your face. Let it sit for five to ten minutes, then rinse off.

Dry Skin Moisturizer - Add about 1.5 ounces of glycerin, beeswax, or any other edible food thickener to one pint of olive oil. Heat until melted. Add more thickener if desired, then heat again until preferred thickness is achieved.

Use as you would with any over-the-counter moisturizers.

Extra-virgin olive oil is oil taken from the first pressing of the olives, and is the purest form of oil you can find. Stay away from other variants, as these have already been chemically processed and may not be ideal for dry skin treatment.

Benefits of Olive Oil on Skin -

(1) Its composed of monounsaturated fat, which is considered a healthy fat which offer a plethora of health benefits, when used in moderation.

It has the capability to lower blood pressure due to containing beneficial antioxidants, which are most prevalent in extra-virgin oil.

(2) Its able to control blood sugar specifically by lowering blood glucose levels.

Diabetics, or border-line diabetics, are instructed to follow a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet.

(3) It can help control blood sugar even if diabetics switch to a high fat diet, considering most of that fat comes from olive oil.

(4) Additionally, It does not negatively effect the levels of good cholesterol, known as HDL cholesterol.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chicken Skin Disease Treatment

Feeling tiny rough bumps on the outer-upper arms and thighs is not entirely unique to certain individuals.

This skin condition might be mistaken for other skin conditions especially during the winter season.

Chicken Skin Disease also known as "keratosis pilaris".

Its actually a genetic disorder that involves the keratinization that occurs in the hair follicles.

Other skin conditions that may be associated are atopic dermatitis, xerosis, and ichthyosis.

Chicken Skin Treatment -

(1) Expose the skin to sunshine for about fifteen to thirty minutes, not to overexpose the body so as to dry it out too much.

(2) Increase humidity levels while indoors is also recommended for adequate skin hydration.

(3) Using soaps that contain urea, propylene glycol, and lactic acid, as well as other emollients have been found to soften the hardened tiny bumps on the skin.

(4) Applying moisturizers after bathing is also a good way to keep the moisture in.

(5) Staying away from foods that have been known to cause allergic flare-ups is a good start.

(6) Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids such as flax hemp seed, walnuts, salmon, and tuna are highly recommended.

(7) Drinking ample amounts of water is always advised as the body functions better when it is properly hydrated.

(8) Mixing equal parts of olive oil and sugar can give you an effective exfoliant that you can use in order to slough off the keratin plugs as well as other dirt particles from your skin.

(9) Using apple cider vinegar to wash the area affected by keratosis pilaris could take the place of using lactic acid washes and creams.

(10) Adding several tablespoons of Vitamin E oil to your bath water could help seal in the moisture in your skin and improve the appearance of your keratosis pilaris.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Green Tea Cake Recipes

Green Tea Cake Recipes -

This is a light and moist cake that is not too sweet and has a refreshing green tea fragrance.

The frosting uses cream cheese but has enough sweetness to mask the sour taste.

Green Tea powder gives it a delicate green hue too.

It can also be baked as a sheet cake in a 9x 13 inch pan or as 2 separate round cakes in two 8 inch round pans.

Because of Health Benefits of Green Tea this recipe become really most popular all over the world.

Green tea is also part of many skin care products for Healthy Skin, does have antioxidant properties and can protect against sun damage by working to subdue unhealthy cells.

It's also good for easing rosacea redness, and has been found to be a good acne treatment as well.

It may inhibit the growth of cancer, simple, inexpensive means of preventing diabetes, safe and inexpensive cure to acne and reduce the inflammation associated with acne.

It educes blood cholesterol and blood clotting and lowers blood pressure. It also has the ability to combat heart disease and reduce the risk of strokes.

It may protect the brain and fight the memory-robbing effects seen with plaque deposits in Alzheimer's disease.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Green Tea Calories - How Many

Here I have perfect answer of your questions like,

(1) How many calories in Green Tea
(2) How many calories are in Green Tea
(3) How many calories does Green Tea have

Let's start,

This Healthy Food is really low calorie diet for all who are looking for Fast Natural Weight Loss.

Its perfect for burning fats and offers you other benefits as well.

It also retards the absorption of fat, catechins are inhibitors of lipases and lipids and interference allows the fats, cholesterol and other lipids be expelled.

It is an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant.

It helps clean your organs for optimum performance. It also helps prevent risks of cancer as its rich with phenols and help maintain normal blood pressure.

Green Tea Health Benefits are few but all are really very effective.

Its really very different from all other common slimming pills and ordinary diet capsules.

It helps you body regulate blood sugar levels, it will boost your metabolism while helping prevent your body from absorbing additional fat.

Recently I have get one comment which I want to share here,

Yes, green tea is very useful if we want to lose weight. Nevertheless, we must do fitness exercises as well. A specialized club in health helped me to lose my extra pounds, both with sport and with this kind of drinks. If we drink everyday a cup of green tea, we will feel much better, because it helps clean our organs as you said!

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Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe

Green tea ice cream is a delicious treat to eat when you're in the mood for something cold.

It made from certain types of green tea powder usually from matcha or maccha which gives wonderful green color.

This Healthy Food is usually made by cooking the ingredients and then freezing them.

You can also experiment with vanilla, chocolate, etc.

Just take below given things near to you,

(1) 3 egg yolks (2) 3-4 TBS sugar (3) 2 TBS green tea powder, mixed with a little bit of warm water to form smooth paste.

Do not substitute with regular green tea or powdered green tea for this. It's a lot weaker, it won't work in ice cream.

(4) 1 1/4 c heavy cream (chilled, but not whipped)

Just start preparing it -

(1) Combine first 3 ingredients and swirl it in food processor for 4-5 seconds.
(2) Add cold heavy cream, and swirl it again for another 4-5 seconds.
(3) Put it in a shallow metal pan (freezes faster), and freeze it about 3 hours until almost frozen.
(4) Place the cream mixture back in the food processor and process again until it achieves the consistency of soft cream.
(5) Put it back in the metal pan and freeze. When it's frozen, this delicious ice cream is ready to eat!

This one is a unique and refreshing change from the regular ice cream flavors.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Green Tea Metabolism

Green Tea is powerful drink contains natural and beneficial antioxidants that help release toxins from the body of other things that can harm you in the long run.

Heart disease, weight gain, and other toxins that potentially can do major damage to the body are offset by the powers of this ancient beverage.

In it's natural form it actually has more caffeine that coffee.

When caffeine is thrown into the body too fast it can cause a sudden rise in glucose levels, this makes it difficult and should be avoided by people with diabetes.

This caffeine in a way is gradually released within the body and allows for you to get a slow, but repeated supply of the it.

Fat in the body has been shown with the consumption of this, oxidizes fat deposits by nearly 20% more.

Green Tea Health Benefits has a good combination of things that activate a process called thermogenesis.

Catechins, polyphenols, caffeine, and antioxidants enable this process which allow your metabolism to burn more calories then it would have normally.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Green Tea Acne

Is Green Tea good for Acne -

Green tea has been shown to be as effective as a 4% solution of benzoyl peroxide without doing the same damage as this solution in terms of drying the skin and being harsh on the skin.

Green tea cleans your body from toxins and viruses which can cause acne and skin infection. It has an ability to negate viruses.

It is able to effectively counteract viruses that cause the body to experience diarrhea, pneumonia, inflammation of the bladder, and infections of the skin.

It stimulates the immune system within the body, strengthens and increases the role of the immune system in combating viruses and perhaps bacteria that invade the body.

Prepare yourself a cup of green tea to drink and cleanse your system from the inside and then rub the teabag over your skin to cure your acne fast.

The Green Tea Health Benefits not only extend to curing acne but also to various other skin conditions and by using this skin care regimen for your acne you should also improve the overall condition of your skin, unlike normal medication used in the treatment of acne.

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