Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Postpartum Depression Definition Symptoms Quiz

Postpartum Depression Definition -

Post-Partum Depression is a depressive disorder experienced by some women following childbirth.

Post Natal Depression or 'Baby Blues' affects new moms usually within the first few days or weeks after giving birth.

It is a form of clinical depression and can last for a week, months or even a year in some cases.

Postpartum Depression Symptoms -

(1) New mothers might experience feelings of negativity towards their baby and lose interest in their son or daughter
(2) You might find yourself worrying that you are going to hurt your baby all the time
(3) Drastic or sudden weight and appetite changes
(4) Lack of motivation and loss of pleasure
(5) Sleep patterns change, some people might sleep more than usual, some might sleep less than usual
(6) Flirting with suicide, thoughts of suicide and the like
(7) Guilty feelings and feelings of worthlessness

Postpartum Depression Quiz helps us to ascertain whether we are suffering from this disease in the first place or not, and once the fact has been established, and it is found that depression is present, then the depression quiz also helps us ascertain the exact type and symptoms experienced.

How long does Postpartum Depression last -

It could last for many months, might last even up to a whole year. He/She will certainly feel as if this condition will not go away.

Nevertheless, we also need to make an effort to emerge out of our clinical-depression by engaging in healthy behaviors.

Postpartum Depression Exercises Treatments -

Physical exercise, meeting people and keeping yourself busy are a few of the main steps you can take to deal with it.

Control your sleep habits. Retire to bed early during the night and get out of bed early. Try to get up prior to 8 AM in the mornings and go to sleep by 10 or 11 PM during the night.

Make a plan to keep your brain occupied. An empty mind is a devil's workshop and it will continue going over doubts and harmful thoughts. Engage in some beneficial work.

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