Friday, January 27, 2012

Urticaria Treatments Types

Its an annoying form of allergy that is caused by an adverse reaction to an external stimulus.

While treatable, It can be challenging to both the patient and the doctor because the cause is not often easy to identify.

Cholinergic form of skin hives is fairly common out of all of the different forms of chronic urticaria. It's been estimated that about 11% of chronic urticaria sufferers will have cholinergic urticaria. It's main trigger is outside heat causing an internal rise in body temperature. Emotional stress is also a major contributor, but cholinergic urticaria is often times also known as exercise induced hives, because physical activities like yard work or hitting the gym can also bring it on.

Chronic condition that causes hives to develop on the skin. The skin reaction is characterized by pale and slightly raised wheals or swelling, which is often surrounded by redness with borders that are clearly defined

Commonly the skin condition is triggered by insect bites, stings from bees, or foods such as nuts, peanuts, shellfish, or eggs.

Its until now was a major problem even to doctors, researches and the biological institutions. It was a major hurdle in development itself and until now was incurable.

Its rare condition, which until recently couldn't be treated, very complex disorder, and it's still not clear what is causing it exactly.

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