Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Health Benefits of Cinnamon for Diabetes Weight Loss

Benefits of Cinnamon -

It has many purposes and has an unbelievable benefits including brain health, preventing ulcers and of course cinnamon for weight loss.

It has ability to make the body more insulin resistant.

It has been shown to help keep blood sugar levels stable and recommends to diabetics to help control their insulin levels.

I read lots online positive reviews from many people who already used cinnamon supplements had better blood sugar balance than those who only received prescription supplements for this condition.

The active ingredient in from it which known as "cinnaldehyde" helps to prevent blood platelet clotting which protects the heart.

Anti inflammatory effect makes very heart healthy spice to incorporate into your diet.

Now a days you can buy easily it in many different forms likes,

Cinnamon Sticks, Powder without the sugar, Tea Bags etc.

It has a very distinct taste and you may find it hard to get used to the sugar free so its an idea to move slowly from the sugary one to the sugar free. One and half teaspoon of powder daily can also lower cholesterol and keep you feeling healthy.

Cinnamon Bread -

This type of delicious bread that can be used as a dessert or a breakfast. It is also sometimes called Monkey Bread.If you want to have a nice added touch, make some powdered sugar glaze and drizzle over the bread.

Cinnamon Cupcakes -

With delicious cupcake recipe that is also very impressive to serve at a dinner party or upcoming holiday event. The cupcake is cinnamon, then I dug out the center and filled it with caramel and then topped them with vanilla butter cream frosting.

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