Friday, April 20, 2012

Atypical Depression Symptoms Treatments

What is Atypical Depression? - 

It is a form of depression that does not differ too much from major depression, but it does differ enough to be noted as a separate form. It characterized by weight gain, heavy limbs, tiredness, grogginess and sensitivity to rejection is more common than we think.

Atypical Depression Symptoms -

(1) Overeating versus not feeling hungry and hypersomnia instead of insomnia

(2) You will most likely still feel lonely, sad and withdrawn

(3) It can interfere and destroy a persons life just like regular depression can and it should be treated as soon a possible

(4) Poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits, fatigue, weight gain, and feel their emotions are more or less affected by outside events.

(5) Leaden paralysis of the arms and legs.

(6) Increase in appetite with a weight gain of ten or more pounds

(7) Long term pattern of sensitivity to rejection in personal situations that causes social or work related withdrawal

Atypical Depression Treatment -

(1) Psychotherapy can help with the sleep and eating issues.

(2) Monomine Oxidase Inhibitors are safest effective treatments more so in Typical Depression. Due to a possible Tyramine reaction, patients are placed on extremely rigid diets.

(3) Trycyclics are an older form of antidepressant medication and have been used to cure it
(4) Herbal supplements include herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other nutritive substances, come in capsule form can surely help you.