Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breathing Types Techniques

Proper breathing allows air to enter all areas of the lungs. This increases your chest movement, and strengthens the muscles used for breathing and coughing. These breathing exercises will help to decrease your rate of breathing, pain, and risk for lung infections.

You may find it helpful to do these exercises in front of a mirror so you can watch how you are breathing. Breathe in deeply and do the exercises slowly for the best benefit.

Do each breathing exercise 5-10 times, three times each day.

Breathe in through your nose. Purse your lips like you are going to blow a Whistle or blow out a candle. Breathe out slowly through pursed lips.

Lie flat on your back. Place a book on top of your stomach or lay your hands there. Take a breath in through your nose and feel the book or your hands rise. Slowly let the air out through your nose and feel the book or your hands lower. Your breaths should be easy and without effort.

Sit in a chair or stand up straight. Place both hands on the middle portion of your rib cage. While breathing in, try to push the sides of your rib cage out against your hands. Exhale slowly and repeat.

Sit in a chair or stand up straight. Place both hands on your stomach. Breathe in through your nose and push out your stomach so you feel your hands move. Let the air out slowly through your nose and pull your stomach back in.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Epilation Techniques

There are four different types of Epilation.

(1) Tweezing or plucking
(2) Waxing
(3) Sugaring
(4) Rotary Epilators

(1) Tweezing or plucking:-

It is a used to remove hairs from small areas such as on the eyebrows and the odd stray facial hair. Just need to purchase small metal forceps called tweezers which can be obtained from most chemists or pharmacies. With each tweezing action you typically remove a few hairs at once.

(2) Waxing:-

It is a technique that is used to remove hairs from large areas, such as, legs, arms and back. Hot wax is applied on the skin and a cloth is laid into the wax before it sets. Once the wax has hardened the cloth is pulled away taking the wax and hairs with it. This process can be quite painful, especially for those who have higher hair growth rate as they may require waxing two or three times a month. It is not expensive and can also be carried out at home.

(3) Sugaring:-

Sugaring is more or less the same as waxing. The main difference is in the compound used to remove the hair. A sugar solution is made from natural ingredients and is therefore kinder to the skin. It is also a lot easy to clean up afterward. Like waxing, the technique can be performed at home and you can even make your own sugar solution.

(4) Rotary Epilators are devises that remove unwanted hair in an automated way. Some people can use these devices with little discomfort, whereas others find them too painful; it all depends on the person's pain threshold. These devices look like electric shavers but rather than have cutters they have multiple sets of tweezers. You simply run the device of the skin and it plucks out the hairs as it goes. Rotary epilators can be used on any areas of the body. As will all devices they vary in quality. The better quality ones tend to have more powerful motors, grab the hairs firmer, are quieter, and have protective mechanisms to stop the device from nipping the skin.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Healthy Stomach Tips – to keep fit

Healthy Stomach Tips, Natural Stomach Pain Cures, Healthy Stomach Foods

Healthy Stomach Care Tips:-

(1) The first rule that you have to follow is never to eat anything in overabundance. Perhaps you have had a night or two in which you experienced heartburn after severely overeating too much food. This can tax your stomach so that the foods that you eat will force your stomach to secrete too much acid; which will then cause other problems such as indigestion, reflux disease or even ulcer if it is repeated continuously.

(2) Stomach diseases often result from the irregular life habits, engorgement, and many other details. We understand that gastritis and peptic ulcer disease are both caused by Helicobacter pylori, which is infectious. We shall try to avoid the hurt from such kind of bacteria. For example, when you are having meal outside, do not use the chopsticks, dishes or other utensils that others have used.

(3) A regular and healthy lifestyle is the key to protect your stomach. If you have the three meals in the regular time, and eat neither too litter or too much, then your stomach will function well with no doubt. Notice that the breakfast is the most important meal in a day. Only do you have a good breakfast, you have enough energy to do your work the whole day.

(4) There are a great number of vitamins and trace elements in vegetables and fruits, which are not only nutritious to our body but also helpful to the digestion of stomach. Hence, we'd better add some fruits to the meals, and have as more vegetables as possible.

(5) Drinking too much alcohol is also bad for your stomach health (not to mention it being very bad for your liver and your overall health too). Hence, you need to moderate your drinking to 1 or 2 glasses of alcohol a day. In addition, drinking too much acidic drinks every day will also wear down your stomach lining over the years, so that should be done in moderation also.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery Procedure Recovery Time

Hemorrhoids are very common in both men and women.

Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery is also known as Laser Light Surgery for Treatment of Hemorrhoids.

Now If I am talking about Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery Procedure then,“The entire area of the hemorrhoid destroyed by Laser Light, The extremely tiny laser light beam allows for precise and accurate cuts, which means rapid recuperation. As it’s not painful and offers a quicker recovery with fewer drugs, most of sufferers choosing this procedure.

As I read earlier, Hemorrhoidectomy Procedure is only for hemorrhoids in the 3rd and 4th degree of growth. It is for internal hemorrhoids, which may or may not be also extending outside the anus.

Hemorrhoidectomy Recovery usually takes between 2 “4 weeks but can take longer depending on the severity of the operation and the patients physical health at the time.

Most of Patients will be able to discharge from hospital very soon after surgery, but such as older people, women who are pregnant, people with other medical conditions, those who live far from the hospital, and those without any help or supervision at home may require lengthy hospital stays.

As we know that “Prevention is better than the cure” which is also effect here for Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery. Natural hemorrhoid treatment plans can usually guarantee the curing of internal hemorrhoids.

Garlic and onions can be used as a suppository. Using them will help to strengthen the veins, kill bacteria in that area, and reduce inflammation.

Make your own ice pack by putting ice cubes or crushed ice into a plastic bag. Wrap the plastic bag with a thin piece of cloth. Place the ice pack into the hemorrhoid area.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hyperhidrosis Treatments Cures

Hyperhidrosis Treatments, Sweating Cures

Sweating or Hyperhidrosis a lot can be very embarrassing, especially since it can be difficult to hide. Going around with sweat stains on your clothes alerts everyone to your problem and the sweat can also begin to smell quite badly. For people who sweat far too much, there are excess sweating treatments.

The water you consume is used to internally cool your body, and without it, your body is forced to excrete that water as sweat; so, by not drinking water, you're actually making the problem worse.

So at very first and important Health Advice is “Drink more water”.

Thinner and looser materials give the skin more air to breathe and allow better circulation; not to mention, it'll also cool you down. Wearing freer clothes will keep your body much cooler and minimize excessive sweating.

So always try to “Wear freer fabrics”

If you're sweating problem is under your arms, shaving them may be a good idea as the bacteria that causes the odor is on the hair, and when it reacts with the sweat, it creates a foul stench.
So third one is, “Shave the hair if the odor is a problem”

A good portion of the time when someone is an excessive sweater, it's because they're overweight. To see the biggest improvements in your sweating, you will have to drop all of that extra weight.

Try your level best to “Lose weight” fast as soon as possible.

Caffeine is a stimulant and will increase heart rate as well as body temperature. This can trigger sweating, so if you're a coffee-addict, try switching over to decaf to see if it helps the problem.

So, keep distance from “caffeine”

Above all five Hyperhidrosis Cures are really very essential but its mine another personal advice to all healthy blog readers that, always keep in your mind that, “Prevention is better than the cure

I will sure try to post here Hyperhidrosis Prevention tips very soon, but before it be aware from this very common health condition.