Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe

Green tea ice cream is a delicious treat to eat when you're in the mood for something cold.

It made from certain types of green tea powder usually from matcha or maccha which gives wonderful green color.

This Healthy Food is usually made by cooking the ingredients and then freezing them.

You can also experiment with vanilla, chocolate, etc.

Just take below given things near to you,

(1) 3 egg yolks (2) 3-4 TBS sugar (3) 2 TBS green tea powder, mixed with a little bit of warm water to form smooth paste.

Do not substitute with regular green tea or powdered green tea for this. It's a lot weaker, it won't work in ice cream.

(4) 1 1/4 c heavy cream (chilled, but not whipped)

Just start preparing it -

(1) Combine first 3 ingredients and swirl it in food processor for 4-5 seconds.
(2) Add cold heavy cream, and swirl it again for another 4-5 seconds.
(3) Put it in a shallow metal pan (freezes faster), and freeze it about 3 hours until almost frozen.
(4) Place the cream mixture back in the food processor and process again until it achieves the consistency of soft cream.
(5) Put it back in the metal pan and freeze. When it's frozen, this delicious ice cream is ready to eat!

This one is a unique and refreshing change from the regular ice cream flavors.

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