Friday, December 23, 2011

Loose Skin After Weight Loss Pregnancy

Now days, Weight Loss become really popular trend for both men and women. But losing weight we built another problem for our body - Loose Skin. Yes It can happen.

As per my knowledge, below given are main causes for "Loose Skin After Losing Weight" -

(1) Losing fat too quickly

Many people have "Rapid Loose Weight" in their mind that's why are they are completely forget about what will happen after using those techniques.

(2) Age

With our older age, skin become poor elasticity, even lose elasticity, so the skin may not go back for ever.

(3) Fat Loss without exercises to build muscle -

With fat losing, fat cell shrink, if they do not tone up muscles to take up the space under the skin, it may result in flabby skin too.

Now its time for Prevention for this condition,

Try to lose weight slowly, reducing one to two pounds a week is recommended.
Do weight training when you are losing weight.
If you are old, since your skin elasticity weakens, getting flaccid skin seems unavoidable.

Loose Skin After Pregnancy -

Replacing fat with muscle is the number one way to tighten everything up.

Finding a program that allows you to eat good food and sensibly while strength training will improve how you body looks after birth.

Loose skin is simple stored fat that still needs to be burned off.

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