Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oncology Massage Mesothelioma Cancer Treatment Cure Prevention Tips Facts

Mesothelioma and other cancer patients can Health benefits from oncology massage.

Complementary Therapies can improve quality of life for patients with mesothelioma and other forms of cancer. Cindy Doody of Mariposa Massage and Body Therapy in Cohasset, Massachusetts had her first experience with cancer when she was 17 and her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She saw what the chemotherapy and pain did to her. So when she became a massage therapist and was asked to come to a man’s mother’s house to give her a massage while she was going through chemotherapy, she didn’t hesitate. Doody gave the mother a relaxation massage and spoke with the woman, who found it to be very therapeutic. She continued to give her regular massages in her home for five months until she passed away.

Following that experience, Doody decided to become certified in oncology massage, which is now a supplement to her usual massage and body therapy business.

Oncology massage patients can come to her office, or she makes house calls for patients who find it difficult to travel.

With each new client, she spends time getting to know about their conditions, where they are in their treatment and how their general well-being is. Knowing where each client’s treatment is medically is very important for providing the most beneficial massage experience.

The American Cancer Society website lists information from studies that found that massage for cancer patients can help to decrease pain, fatigue, anxiety, stress and depression. Massage is considered to be a noninvasive addition to conventional cancer treatment.

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