Monday, October 5, 2009

Tinnitus Symptoms Causes Treatments

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition commonly found in older people but, can also develop in younger people. It is a swishing, ringing, or any other type of noise which seems to originate in the ears, perception of sound that is not at all present in the external surrounding or environment.

Tinnitus Types:-

There are basically two types of tinnitus.

Somati Tinnitus, which is caused by damage or injuries outside of the ear in the head and neck region.

Otic Tinnitus, the more common type, is caused by damage or injury inside of the ear.

Tinnitus Symptoms:-

Tinnitus symptoms include irritating sounds like roaring, ringing, humming, airplane takeoff sound, beating, chain-saw sound or a vehicle sound.

Tinnitus Causes Risk Factors:-

Meniere's disease, which is supposed to be a certain disorder of the flow of fluids of the inner ear.

Ear canal blockage may cause ringing ears.

Injury to head may become a vital cause behind occurrence of tinnitus.

Formation of wax or any foreign body in the inner or outer part of the ear may stimulate tinnitus condition.
Cures Home Treatments Remedies:-

Maidenhair tree extract is a good alternative to treat tinnitus. Using 20-40 mg of the same inside the ears will help cure tinnitus effectively.

Avoiding your exposure to loud noises is one of the best options to get rid of tinnitus.

Avoid taking sweet foods, processed and saturated foods are they may worsen the condition of tinnitus.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. This will help to combat tinnitus.

Exercise is a good remedy to get away from tinnitus problems.

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