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Alternative Health Tips - Sprained Ankle Treatment Symptoms Care Exercises

What is Sprained Ankle?

Due to tearing of one or more ligaments in our feet,ankle become twist and this condition is really very painful which is known as a Sprain.When a ligament is stretched or partially torn,its called a minor sprain but when the ligament is completely torn then its called severe strain.A strain occurs when you stretch or pull a muscle.

Sprained Ankle Causes :-

When the foot is planted awkwardly,or when the ground is uneven, or when an unusual amount of force is applied to the joint,So when an unnatural twisting motion occurs,its cause ankle sprain.

inversion sprain is called the most common type of ankle sprain.

Other sports are also resposible for this condition such like are football, basketball, and volleyball as because fast changes in direction or lots of stop-starts.

Sprained Ankle Symptoms:-

Restricted range of motion.

Most common symptoms of a sprain are pain around the joint, swelling, and bruising.

Pain, especially when you bear weight on it.

Sprained Ankle Treatment Care Exercises:-

The Ankle sprains can be treated by taping the ankle or using an ankle brace and ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory medication.

RICE,name of treatment,sure will write its detailed name acute rest, ice, compression and elevation, prescribed for sprains.Acute rest sometimes would entail complete immobilization of the joint. Complete immobilization also helps your foot recover faster than a tubular bandage, especially if the ligament is completely torn.

Ice is one of the treatment for this condition,helpful to reduce the swelling.

Over the counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs can help reduce pain and swelling.

Also we can do exercises as for treat this conditions like, Warm up exercises, Balancing Exercises, Plyometric Exercises, Strapping.

Heat to the injured area ; Movement and massage in the injured area ; Excessive alcohol consumption.

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