Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stress Stroke Relief Management

Study finds link between stress and stroke.

There’s a new reason to take measures to reduce the stress in your life. A study has found a correlation between prolonged stress and stroke.

Researchers in Sweden asked recent stroke victims to choose between six different alternatives to indicate how stressed they had felt before their stroke, from "never been stressed" to "constantly stressed over the past five years."

Their responses were compared with a healthy control group who were asked the same question.

They found that stroke caused by atherosclerosis or to blood clots that have developed locally in the smaller vessels of the brain were linked to severe prolonged stress. The link was also found for patients in whom it had not been possible to establish the cause of the stroke despite an extensive evaluation.

Managing stress is imperative for optimum overall health, according to health experts.

Identifying stressors, exercising, are getting plenty of sleep and healthy eating are all important to reducing stress. Relaxation techniques such as tai chi, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga and aromatherapy have also been found to be helpful.

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