Monday, December 19, 2011

Scabies Rash Treatments Symptoms Causes

What is Scabies ? -

Scabies is a microscopic "bug" that goes under the surface of the skin causing a rash. Its quite common and can happen to anybody.

It can live for up to 3 days outside of the human body.

The Scabies Rash caused by the mite occurs when the body develops allergic reactions to the scabies mites, the mites' feces, secretions, eggs and larvae.

The female scabies usually lays the eggs in channels just underneath the skin and in a couple of days mites develop.

With perfect Treatments of Scabies, we can kill the eggs as well as the adults.

This disease spreads rapidly under crowded conditions where there is frequent skin-to-skin contact between people, such as in hospitals, institutions, child-care facilities, and nursing homes.

Symptoms of Scabies -

Signs appear after the itch are an allergic rash that can look like pimples, welts, red bumps or sores.

The itching however is unmistakable. Yet, other skin conditions such as allergic eczema , impetigo and a hives rash can also be very itchy. The scabies rash may appear in the webs of your fingers, the wrist areas, around the hips and abdomen as well as on the trunk.

Scabies Treatments -

An effective cures should be able to eradicate the mites in only a few days. If used appropriately, treatments should be able to destroy the eggs and larvae too.

Cures usually consist of local ointments and creams which should be applied on the entire skin surface, not only in the regions that appear to be infested.

The most common medical creams used in scabies treatments today are Permethrin and Malathion. It applies on the affected regions of the skin. It is very well tolerated and needs to be kept on the skin for at least 8 hours before washing it off.

Malathion is a lotion that should be kept on the skin for 24 hours. When applying the local scabies treatment, you should insist in the areas where the mites tend to shelter. Remember to always reapply the scabies treatment on the skin after you wash.

These actions are very important in preventing the spreading of the mites to other people.

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