Friday, December 9, 2011

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

The importance of eating well-balanced meals cannot be over-emphasized in the life of a pregnant woman.

Eating a well balanced diet does not have to put a hole in the pocket. It just means taking the essential nutrients of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and minerals in the right proportions.

Eat the right foods and you can enjoy the many benefits of good health, including confidence in knowing that you're providing the absolute best for your baby.

(1) Raw Eggs -

Try to avoid eating raw eggs or any raw-egg containing foods because of bacteria causing food poisoning known as salmonella.

This health condition associated with diseases like typhoid fever and gastroenteritis.

Pasteurized eggs are better in food recipe than the unpasteurized.

(2) Raw Meat -

All uncooked and rare beef, pork, chicken meat or even sea foods should be steer clear.

All these foods can expose you and your baby to salmonella; coli form bacteria, brucellosis and all kinds of dangerous micro-organisms.

(3) Deli Meat -

Avoid eating deli meats known to be contaminated with listeria which may cause miscarriage and sometimes, premature birth.

Avoid unpasteurized milk, refrigerated pates and meat spreads.

(4) Alcohol -

There is no level or amount of alcohol that is good or safe for pregnancy.

There should be a total abstinence from alcohol even at post-parturition.

Alcohol consumption at pregnancy can result into child abnormalities and defects.

(5) Fish like king mackerel, shark, swordfish and tile fish are rich in mercury.

Mercury consumption at pregnancy has been associated with brain damage and developmental delays in babies.

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