Thursday, December 29, 2011

How Much Caffeine in Green Tea

Does Green Tea have Caffeine ? -

You can drink an average of 4 cups of green tea a day without affecting your health in any way.

However, if you go over that limit, might have to suffer from various problems like - sleeplessness, restlessness, headaches and feelings of nausea.

Just avoid drinking green tea in the evening, for your good night's sleep.

Caffeine only really starts to become a serious issue when you become addicted to it.

So After about discussion, your "Is there caffeine in green tea?" - this question will definitely proper answer.

Just buy Green Tea in decaffeinated form if you are worried or have a sensitive stomach.

Only heat the water to 80 degrees C and pour the water over the leaves. After about 1 minute, drain this water away and pour some fresh water on the leaves.

After about a further 1 1/2 minutes you should have a perfect brew.

You won't find the Chinese or Japanese boiling their water for their tea ceremonies.

Green Tea Health Benefits -

Lowers cholesterol, you can loose weight with help of it by burning calories
Reduces high blood pressure, Prevents arthritis
Boosts your immune system, Lowers blood sugar
Slows the aging process, Reduces the risk of stroke
Lowers the risk of blood clot

It may be fine for preventing aging in skin, but will do nothing to help your acne.

It has antioxidants which will slow down collagen breakdown, hence it will help to keep skin young looking and delay the onset of wrinkles.

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