Friday, August 27, 2010

Low Hemoglobin Pregnancy Problems Facts

Pregnancy gives an immense joy to would be mother. But with pregnancy comes many health related issues. One of the most common issues is low hemoglobin in the blood during pregnancy.

During the pregnancy, in order to cater to the need of the fetus and the mother herself, a lot of hemoglobin is needed by the body. Unfortunately the volume of the blood increases during this time, but it decreases the hemoglobin. A decrease in hemoglobin beyond a certain degree may cause anemia which can result into further complications for the mother and the fetus.

In order to supplement hemoglobin, a pregnant woman is advised to take at least 28 to 30 mg of iron through supplements or diet. A pregnant woman must get her blood checked regularly for the hemoglobin count.

If the levels are marginally low, doctors would prescribe iron medicines to shoot up the hemoglobin level to normal. Otherwise also the multivitamins that are generally taken during pregnancy do contain iron. One must also take care that the diet has enough iron rich food such as leafy green vegetables, dry fruits, seafood, lean meats, whole grains and cereals.

Few symptoms that are visible due to low hemoglobin during pregnancy are pale skin, frequent headaches from mild to severe, dizziness and unable to concentrate on any work, fatigue and weakness all the time, rapid and irregular heartbeats, irritability, shortness of breath, a tickly feeling in the palms and feet also a feeling of numbness in the feet and hands, slight chest ache, temperature of the body tends to be lower than normal, and pica, a condition where pregnant woman feels like eating strange things like mud, clay, paint and sometimes ice.

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