Thursday, August 12, 2010

Acne Pimples Home Remedies Natural Treatments Best Cures

Acne pimples are one of several skin infections we have to deal with at some stage of our life. The infection is common among women especially at the adolescent years.

If you have never had to deal with this problem, you are one of the lucky few.

The common nature of acne spots have given birth to so many remedies and one of them is the home remedies. It is coming up every you look on the internet both on forum and chat rooms.
Lots of people suffering from this skin problem faces such things as redness of the face, black heads, etc. Most antibiotics and other treatment by dermatologist have failed, to this extent people have resulted to natural medicine.

So why do most people prefer home remedies?

The Methods Are Cheap:

Ingredients needed are cheap and easy to come buy. Most of these ingredients are find in the home, they could be originally meant for a different purpose also serve as remedy for acne.

The Approach We are what we do or eat most of the time, changing some of our daily routine such as diet, hygiene, over reliance on processed food etc. will greatly affect out total outlook in a positive way.

The following are the tested ways that will help with your acne problems:

Healthy Living:

Its not only when it comes to loosing of weight that that plays a major role, having a balanced diet also helps the skin a lot. Vegetables and fruits with fiber content have been found to be of help than oily or fatty foods.

Its your life and you should be able to control appetite that foods that only do you harm than good.

Know Your Skin Type:

Adverts will always be in your face and its difficult to know which of the product will sooth your skin type. The easiest way to deal with this is to know your skin type, it help you in avoiding products that will either work short term or add to your skin problem.

A visit to your dermatologist will be of help, you can also get information on the internet.

Avoid Scrubs:

Most of the agents in scrubs do nothing but irritate your skin. Your skin could get healed of acne temporary but the long effect of scrubs and exfoliators can be more problematic.

Return To Nature: Where lots of modern medicine have failed, nature have come to the rescue. This is evident in the approach of pharmaceutical to developing drugs.
Because acne, pimples scars are natural occurrence it better that they are treated with natural medications. The toothpaste's main ingredient, peroxide, dries up and cures the acne. Just dab a small amount on the acne after cleaning your face. Just be careful not to apply it to open wounds or popped acne.

The Wonder Of Oil

The healing properties of oil have been found to be very effective. Oil like olive will help if your have turned to open wound. The antibacterial and antiseptic components of the oil will help sooth and cover the wound. To get the best result, dab the oil in clean cotton wool and apply to the surface.

Use Honey Another wonder of nature is honey, applying natural honey (Stay away from processed honey) in the morning and at night after the face have been cleansed.
Apply Peroxide Peroxide has the ability to dry spots and it can be found mostly in toothpaste. Please be cautious when applying, avoid contact with the eyes and do not apply on open wounds.

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