Saturday, August 28, 2010

Anxiety Relief Tips Natural Techniques Herbs

1. Identify the "trigger" that causes your anxiety - It could have been an unexpected expense or even an injury in the family. If this is the case, you can respond productively to this situation to take some pressure off of yourself.

2. Take a relaxing hot bath - Add some music, and a glass of your favorite beverage. This is the perfect way to forget about everything for the one hour that you spend in the bath tub. Taking a nice hot bath can also increase levels of calmness, hence decreasing the chances we are likely to be stressed.

3. Leave town for the weekend - Take the whole week off of work if you can! This is also another way to take your mind off of things for a few days. Don't bring your cell phone either, bringing it can be a reminder for all your unfinished tasks. Your tasks can wait.

4. Get a massage - If you have a partner, get a massage from him/her. Getting a massage can be very relaxing and intimate between you and your partner. However it is also quite addictive, although that isn't always a bad thing.

5. Deep breathing - This is the single most used technique in the world for relieving anxiety. It combats feelings of stress and invigorates the mind/body.

6. Meditation - This is a popular method, because it works. It helps to clear your mind and creates a quiet happy place where you can focus on your thoughts and use this time to sort them out.

7. Spend a full week away from the television - This may be a hard one for many, but it is definitely something that can be done. Television fills the mind with negativity, and gives you a distorted reality, showing you everything in the world that is associated with negative thoughts. Watching things like murders, violence, war, and famines does you no good and certainly does not help to relieve anxiety!

Anxiety is something that nobody should constantly suffer from. With active cooperation and self involvement, using these tips you can help yourself to become stress-free!

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