Monday, January 11, 2010

Health Fitness Care - Tonsil Stones Causes Symptoms Home Herbal Treatments Removal Prevention

What is Tonsil Stones? / Tonsil Stones Definition:-

Tonsilloliths, also referred to as tonsil stones, are small, foul-smelling whitish yellow balls of bacteria and mucus that get stuck at the backside of the throat They are formed in the tonsil crypts, which are small lumps that are visible in everybody's tonsils.

Tonsil Stones Symptoms Signs:-

Some of the symptoms of Tonsillitis are throat tightening, sore throat, and metallic taste, formation of tiny white balls on the tonsils, choking and coughing fits.

Tonsil Stones Causes Risk Factors:-

The tonsil stones result from food particles trapped in the throat, post-nasal drip, oral bacteria, overactive salivary glands and dead white blood cells.

Tonsil Stones Prevention:-

In case of mild stones, you can take a cotton swab and add some water to make it moist. Now use the swab to squeeze the tonsil stone. This is not the best and most hygienic method, but in mild cases it works.

Tonsil Stones Home Herbal Natural Treatments Cure Remedies Removal:-

Gargle with saline warm water or mouthwash at least 3 to 4 times a day. Substances having medicinal value can also be used for performing this act.

Coughing, sneezing or flexing your throat can also work to get rid of tonsil stones. This is because you are releasing the stones from the tonsils and thus they will be coughed up.

Make sure that you also avoid carbonated beverages, alcohol, and caffeine too. You must avoid food and drinks that is too hot and too cold. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol in order to reduce the throat inflammation. Keep your toiletries completely separate and in a very hygienic storage to avoid any further infections.
Opt for surgery, which should be discussed with your doctor, is tonsil removal, or a tonsillectomy. Keep in mind that this can be dangerous and expensive.

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