Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is a Panic Attack Symptoms Causes

Panic Attack Definition / What is Panic Attack? :-

Panic attacks are more commonly felt than we think. In most cases, people don't realize that they are becoming victims of it, and in some cases, people get unduly alarmed that they are suffering from a panic attack. Hence, there are both kinds of experiences.

Symptoms of Panic Attack -

Dizziness and Breathlessness are common symptoms. Dizziness is the precursor to a panic attack and it happens in most cases. Some of the panic attack symptoms in women are trouble breathing, hot flashes, and chills, feeling like she is going crazy or feeling out of control.

Hyperventilation or some difficulty with breathing ; Tingling feelings in some or several parts of the body ; An extremely rapid heartbeat or irregularities of the heartbeat ; Tightness throughout the chest area ; Dizziness or feelings of losing consciousness ; Feelings that are variously described as quivering, quaking or shuddering ; A queasy stomach ; Feeling of being disconnected from the body or mind ; Sweating even though the surrounding temperature seems normal ; Excessive fear of dying ; Fear of losing control of the body

Panic Attack Causes -

Anxiety is defined as the fear of the unknown or the future. Fearing of dangers or feeling unsafe about what you have got can be reflected in your body which will feel stressed. It is also worth pointing out that the fear of another attack on the way can also become a cause or a trigger. Genetic and Hormonal imbalance are another internal causes of panic attacks.

Panic Attack Home Herbal Natural Treatments Remedies Prevention:-

Naturopathy can be another very productive method for treating panic attacks symptoms, and can include a combination of assorted treatments and methodological analysis including herbal supplement, vitamins, and a modified dieting plan alongside a personalized plan of physical exercise.

Physical exertion in the form of exercise provides people that have psychological disorders a new way of releasing their emotions. Other stress management techniques which are known to treat anxiety and panic attacks include yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises and guided imagery.

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