Thursday, September 8, 2011

Natural Acne Treatments - Always use Genuine Trustable

Genuine Acne Treatments should be used to get the quickest results and worth to be trusted for use.

It would be funny to say that everyone is cute in the childhood stage. But, if I would say that I was one of the cute kids, now I get to laugh on this thought. The reason I get to laugh behind this is very simple— I have Acne marks on my face, which makes me laugh. But every day I think that how can I remove these marks by Acne Treatment.

As I have told that I was one of cute kids, but when I grew up, I badly developed Acne marks on the whole of my skin. I took my marks from one place to another, but there were only fake Acne treatment centers all over. I was really searching for a genuine Acne treatment center.
Then one of my family members told me about one Acne marks remover institute which can remove my marks.

They assured me to remove the marks in a month. I was convinced and thought if they did it, this would be a miracle for me? But I was thrilled to know that the condition of my skin just got bad to worse and worse to worst. But what could be done now?

The damage was already done. But, when going through a health news magazine I came to know about genuine treatment center, which could solve all my problems. I knew that it would be my last chance, and I went there. I was shocked to see the improvement in just a mere 2 weeks. Almost all the marks were disappeared.

The latest and the trendy way to get rid of acne is use of gels of Aloe Vera cream. Aloe Vera is good for recovering the damaged skin.

(1) The best perfect way for natural acne treatment is application of not boiled milk mixed with gram flour is very effectual for acne treatment. This is the best natural acne treatment.

(2) Applying of cooked tea bags and mixed with dried basil for 20 minutes. You should apply this with a cotton ball. This is also very effective for acne treatment.

(3) A very effective method to reduce acne is applying a pack of raspberry, strawberry and blackberry. This application should be made with approximately 2 liters of water.

(4) Another effectual method is the orange peel of any fruit or vegetable is very helpful as acne treatment.

(5) Another natural way for treatment of acne is application of honey and cinnamon powder as a paste at night before sleeping and removing it the next day.

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