Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hair Loss Causes in Women - Divorce and Smoking also

As per Latest Online Health News Updates, two new causes of female hair loss have been discovered: smoking and divorce.

A woman’s marital status is the biggest predictor of central hair loss.

The loss of a spouse either because of divorce or death showed the largest amount of hair loss, with married and single women having a smaller incidence of hair loss.

In addition to losing a spouse, smoking and drinking to excess showed up as a secondary high cause of hair loss in women.

Men have entirely different reasons for hair loss. Those reasons included laziness, sun exposure and a history of cancer.

Most likely, stress is the aspect of a troubling divorce that appears to lead to hair loss among women.

When it came to hair near the temples, the researchers found that smoking and skin conditions contributed to any hair loss. Near the top of the head, the researchers found that hair loss was linked to diabetes, skin conditions and being a current smoker. Researchers found the hair loss overall could be worse when women have more stress.

Hair loss is associated with many unhealthy habits and stressful conditions rather than just people's genetic backgrounds.

Having a higher income, multiple children, higher blood pressure, wearing hats and drinking coffee were also found to be influential in women hair loss.

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