Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweaty Palms Feet Cures Causes Treatments

Sweaty Palms and Feet

Sweaty palms are an extremely annoying common condition that is associated with a person being nervous or excited but it is important to know that these are not the only reasons why people suffer with sweaty hands; this problem can also be due to certain hereditary factors. Sweaty hands are not just a physical problem; it is also a mental problem as well because this affects your self confidence as well.
Symptoms Signs -

Being nervous, stressed or emotionally depressed, emotional distress or a person with nervous temperament always has sweaty palms as emotional response triggers the sweat production glands in the palms.

The root cause of this problem is thought to be in the nervous system. Psychological factors aside, medical problems such as hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) can also lead to sweaty palms.

Very often, when you are under stress or anxiety, the nerves will overreact and stimulate your sweat glands into producing excessive amount of sweat. Thus, if you suffer from frequent bouts of sweaty hands, it may be due to you feeling nervous and tensed. Sweaty hand is also known to be a hereditary condition and can run in the family.
Natural Home Treatments Cures Remedies

Iontophoresis Treatment is one of the most effective treatments. One of the most effective ways to control sweaty palms is to develop a positive attitude and be confident about you.

When your body temperature rises, so does the amount of sweat your body produces. By drinking plenty of water, your body is able to cool itself internally. However, a lack of water means a higher body temperature, and an increase in sweat production shortly after.

You can usually fine this at your local grocery store or pharmacy. You can also buy it online - just search for 'buy aluminum chloride' on your favorite search engine. This stuff really works, and works on most people.

Sprinkle boric acid powder on your feet and cover it with cotton socks and leave it overnight. Next morning wash your feet with warm water. You can use this same method for the hands also by using cotton socks for your hands.

Alum powder is another item that is known to block the pores on sweaty palms and feet to provide much needed relief.

Deodorant sprays and other topical products are basically good at blocking the sweat glands to prevent excessive perspiration.

Surgery and natural treatment are the only known long term solution for this problem.

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