Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dizziness Causes

As I read earlier online about Dizziness which here I want to share with all mine
Healthy Lifestyle Blog Readers that, “Dizziness is called Vertigo also”.

In a very simple term we can say “Suddenly drops of blood pressure resulted in Dizziness Condition.”Due to some malfunction of the nerves, many diseases that cause dizziness and light-headedness that sending mix responses to our brain cells.

In our daily life routines, when we are hungry, or if we are dehydrated, we feel dizzy. Perceptive dizziness symptoms can result to some other serious and life - threatening diseases, namely anemia, chronic cardiovascular problems, blood pressure issues, and even major psychological imbalance.

Sometimes because of lack of sleep, low blood pressure, or even common illnesses associated to cough or fever play main role as common causes of dizziness, can be a result of feeling exhausted, tired or even stressed, but if I am talking about major causes then those are like ones associated with cancers, major vertigo ailments, or cardiovascular problems.

Dizziness in Pregnancy, are most likely to experience dizziness problem during trimester period, which is pretty normal. Shortness of breathing also can lead to dizziness, because it prevents your system to pump oxygen to your blood which affects nerve functions.

Lot of assumption and evaluation can be frustrating, caused by dizziness. Hearing disturbances can be caused by some factors like; psychological (malingering), sudden hearing loss, noise trauma, or even otitis.

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