Thursday, December 10, 2009

Health Fitness Tips Facts – Dermatology Definition Types Botox Treatments

What is Dermatology / Dermatology Definition:-

It refers to the practice of treating the skin and its diseases.

Dermatology Types:-

Most people refer to about dermatology by singular term, but there are many subsected types of dermatology.

There are five main types of Dermatology are,

Cosmetic dermatology; Dermatophaology; Immunodermatology; Pediatric Dermatology; Teledermatology

Dermatology uses include, but are not limited to botox and laser surgery. Cosmetic operations such as liposuction and face lifts are normal as well.

Dermatologist who specify in immune mediated skin diseases such as pemphigus vulgaris, and lupus.

Anti aging Botox Treatment Los Angeles, effective non surgical treatment procedure, this helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on your face, thus safeguarding your youthful appearance.

It is carried out by providing minute dosages of Botox injections into particular muscles. Botox injections avoid contractions of the muscles that create frown lines and wrinkles.

The areas that can be treated by the Botox treatment include:

Glabellar lines, Crow’s feet, Forehead lines, Lines and wrinkles around the lips, Neck bands.

Now a day, Dermatology in Los Angeles is so popular. The many procedures available have fixed many skin diseases that affect the Los Angeles entertainment industry.

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