Thursday, July 30, 2009

Halitosis Definition Causes Treatments

Halitosis is actually the 3rd most common reason people seek dental aid or treatment, behind tooth decay and periodontal or gum disease. Halitosis originates in the mouth.

Bad breath varies during the day due to changes in the level of moisture in the mouth. Other factors that affect mouth dryness include stress, fasting, eating strong foods like garlic and onions and even fish, meat and cheese. Many people don't realize, but smoking and drinking caffeine and alcohol can also lead to bad breath.

The tongue is the most common source for mouth halitosis. Decomposition of the tonsils can also be a source of halitosis.

Causes Symptoms:-

Chronic halitosis is usually caused by metabolic activity of certain types of oral bacteria.

There can also be other causes of oral halitosis include nasal, tonsils, gum disease, or certain systemic diseases such as liver failure, bronchial and other lung infections, renal failure, metabolic dysfunction and diabetes mellitus.

Smoking and alcohol consumption is also one of the main causes of Halitosis and other is oral dryness due to stress or fasting, consuming certain foods also can contribute to bad breath. These include cheese, fish, garlic, meat and onions.


One of the more popular types of herbal remedies for halitosis is the chlorophyll treatment, which actually serves as a natural breath freshener.

Parsley is one of the best ways to help fresh your breath, and it does so in little time only.

Other herbs are used to clean the colon, which can help eradicate your bad breath.

Aromatic herbal teas such as cinnamon, peppermint, ginger and cardamom can also helpful for Halitosis Prevention.

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