Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cough Effective Treatments Remedy

Coughs are either caused by viral infections or symptoms of viral infections like bronchitis and flu.

Because many of these viruses affect the respiratory system, they cause dry coughs as the brain tries to get rid of the "foreign objects" in the throat - which is what it perceives the infection to be.

Coughing is an important way to keep your throat and airways clear. Coughing is an action the body takes to get rid of burdens that are irritating the air passages.

In the more advanced stages, it's marked by the symptom that gives the disease its name: a severe, hacking cough.

Causes of Cough :-

The common Causes of Cough:

(1) Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
(2) Lung disease such as bronchiectasis interstitial lung disease, or tumors.
(3) Exposure to secondhand smoke.
(4) Allergies and asthma.
(5) Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (emphysema or chronic bronchitis).
(6) Lung infections such as pneumonia or acute bronchitis.
(7) Cigarette smoking.
(8) ACE inhibitors (medications used to control blood pressure).

Symptoms of Cough :-

Some Symptoms of Cough:

(1) A runny nose
(2) Dry cough
(3) Nasal congestion
(4) A mild fever
(5) Sneezing
(6) General feeling of being unwell and loss of appetite
(7) Red, watery eyes

Treatment of Cough :-

(1) Antitussives should not be given when the cough is productive and the patient is bringing up mucus. If the cough is keeping the patient awake at night, then their use at bedtime is indicated.
(2) Antihistamines and decongestants may be a good choice for treating coughs associated with post nasal drip.
(3) Elevate your head with extra pillows at night to ease a dry cough.
(4) Don't smoke and stay away from secondhand smoke.
(5) Antitussives are useful in suppressing dry, hacking coughs. (Specific products may be recommended by a physician or pharmacist.)
(6) If you have allergies year round, cover your pillows and mattress with dust mite covers, use an air purifier, and avoid pets and other triggers.
(7) For patients with underlying disease states causing the cough, treatment should first be based on treating the underlying disease.
(8) Antitussives are useful in suppressing dry, hacking coughs.

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