Friday, May 15, 2009

Tamiflu Side Effects

Tami flu which is also known as oseltamivir is one type an anti-viral medication that is used for the treatment and prevention of influenza (flu virus), including avian influenza (bird flu).

Adults and Children who are more than 1 year of age with flu symptoms can take it.

Tami flu is known to work effectively when the flu treatment is initiated within two days of the first onset of symptoms. In addition, Tami flu can be used as a preventive treatment also.

The FDA has categorized this drug under the medical category “C”.

Tami flu medicine has main ingredient of Oseltamivir phosphate.

This medicine belongs among a group of medications which is called the neuraminidase inhibitors.

It attacks the influenza virus in the body and stops it from spreading inside the body.

We will feel the symptoms reducing within a span of two days.

Most other medications for flu go for the symptoms and try to cure the symptoms or mask them.

In sort,we can say that Tami flu treats the flu at the source of the infection.

Tami flu Side effects :-

(1) Those people can take it,who do not have any kidney disease, liver disease, viral infections besides influenza A / B, heart problems, lung problems or any other chronic or serious illnesses.
(2) Pregnant mothers should not use Tami flu.
(3) It is not known whether Tami flu passes into breast milk, it cannot be used by nursing mothers.
(4) Infants above the age of one year.
(5) People who complain of uncomplicated acute illness due to influenza infection and show symptoms for no more than 2 days.

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