Friday, May 1, 2009

Alternative Health Care Tips – Back Massage Strokes

In a one week, there are many day at we often worn out or stressed, after coming from work.

Taking a good massage provides therapeutic relief, boosting the energy levels and relaxing the parched nerves.

Apart from relieving from pain, anxiety and stress, massage also tones up the body and increases physical intimacy.

The other benefits of body massage include increased body awareness, emotional comfort, enhanced circulation and improved lymphatic drainage for release of toxins.

(1) Warm-up Session :-

(a) The first step would be to arrange the set up or the place where the massage would be given. Arrange a soft, comfortable bed or futon and instruct the person to lie down on stomach.

(b) In warm up session, using the tips of your fingers, gently massage the back, in slow circular motions, moving up and down the side of the spine. Concentrate on the left and right of the spine and on the sides as well.

(c) Once the spinal area is done, need to move up, towards the shoulders. Apply some pressure in slow circles, over the shoulder blades and up towards the neck.


After the muscles have loosened and become warm,

(1) Need Massage Oil or Lotion, which have pleasant fragrance and is light in texture. Pour some oil on the back, Enough oil to ensure that hands smoothly glide over the back.

(2) Start from the lower back in slow strokes, applying medium pressure, and move upwards. Continue this until you reach the top of the shoulders. It would help to relax even more.

(3) Massage in the specific regions. Slowly and steadily, press the knots and the tight spots.

(1) Types Of Massage Strokes :-

(a) The Fan Stroke :-

In this, you put the palms on the mid-back, with the fingers away from the spine. Apply pressure on the sides of the spine, rather than directly pressing on it. Proceed upwards, until you reach the shoulder blades and neck and then move back to the ribs.

In this type of massage stroke, the hands lay flat on the back, with the fingers moving in clockwise motion on the lower back. As you move up the back, move the hands and fingers in anticlockwise motion. Make sure that the hands are directed at the sides, away from the spine. Remember, the right hand is used to massage the left side and the left hand is used to massage the right side.

Petrissage is the motion of the hands and fingers in a way that would press the flesh and muscle. Using one hand, hold a muscle group and tightly press it. When one of the portions is done, move to the next muscle group. Repeat the process, until you have covered all areas of the back, from low to high and left to right. Now, alter the hand and repeat the process.

In this technique, the hands rest on the shoulder, with the fingers wide apart. The hands are moved down the back, ‘raking’ the flesh. After this, one hand moves upwards and the other downwards, simultaneously. Repeat the process, altering the direction of hands.

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