Monday, April 13, 2009

Alternative Health Care - Exercise for Computer Users

Everyday Each of us can renew our efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle so that we can remain free from illness and pain this includes back pain.

Sitting at desk top computers is source of Upper Back Pain. This is often because we spend long periods of time sitting or standing in the same position, generally this tends to be in our place of work. By maintaining the same position the muscles in the upper back which connect the shoulders and help to keep our back straight become tense, stiff and painful.

More than 50 percent of computer users experience eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches and other visual symptoms. Many of these problems can be reduced through an anti-glare screens and eye exercises. Spending too much time looking at a computer screen may raise your risk of the vision-robbing eye disease glaucoma.

If you use computers frequently or other electronic equipment, you should drink plenty of purified water. The equipment dehydrates the eyes and we don't see as well when the eyes are dry.

When you are constantly focused on your computer screen, the celery body inside the eye becomes stressed and stiff, just as your leg muscles become stiff after hours of sitting. Looking at distance allows the canary muscle to stretch and relax.

Computer vision syndrome affects more than half of all regular computer users. The symptoms include headache, neck and shoulder pain, as well as blurred, tired, dry, aching, burning eyes. There are several things that you need to do to end the syndrome and relieve the symptoms.

There are specific eye exercises that help correct the syndrome. These should be done every ten minutes, but they are very simple. If you wear glasses, take them off. Find a point that is at least ten feet away from your seat and look at it for 10 seconds.

Swimming has to be one of the best methods of exercise because it uses all the bodies’ muscles. When swimming above water the weight of your body is supported which lets the muscles and spine to relax and stretch out, ideal for easing upper back pain.

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