Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do you want stay fit and Healthy

I want to get in shape so I will join a gym or dance classes. Making goals help you stick to your exercise regimen.

If you have not exercised in a while it may feel impossible but keep going; however, don't overdo it.

Overdoing may cause you serious harms like extreme tiredness or body pain.

Do not feel discouraged if you are not losing the desired weight in a week or so.

If you are constantly working out, you will gradually see and feel changes in your body over time, but it won't happen overnight.

It is always better to exercise in the morning before other commitments distract you.

Exercising in the morning raises your heart rate and metabolism to burn more calories earlier in the day.
If you get distracted and forget to exercise one day, just make sure you do it the next day.

The same thing if you overindulge in food and drinks one day at a party, eat light the next day.
Have a fruit instead of a Samosa as your evening snack.

Nutritional choices versus junk/fried/oily food will help to retain your weight loss.

Overeating is certainly more damaging than not exercising.

If you are just grabbing anything out of the refrigerator, make something healthy like cut veggies and leave them in the fridge.

If you have time, join some yoga classes or dance classes where to get to interact with like-minded people who also wish to stay fit like you.

During breaks at work, walk the stairs, walk around the building or walk down the halls.

Find any type of activity that keeps you moving during your break (you can sit at your desk and relax after the break!)

Do not take your fitness programme a short-term goal that you have to achieve.

Take it as a way of life. A key to weight maintenance, weight loss and fitness is to increase daily activity like taking the stairs, rather than the elevator or walking rather than driving when possible to make a real difference.

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