Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hard Water Hair Care - Loss Prevention Tips for Healthy Regrowth

(1) To prevent hair damage, after using shampoo mix some ginger oil with sesame oil and massage your head well, will nourish your hair and is a conditioner which prevents it from dryness.

(2) After washing your hair apply mashed avocado and keep it for 15 minutes, will act as a conditioner and is also a good source of vitamin and protein, will surely prevent hair loss and graying of hair.

(3) Grind some carrot and mix it will olive oil. Put the jar with the carrot in refrigerator. After some time use the concoction to apply it to your hair. After 20 minutes mix one egg yolk, olive oil, honey and lime juice to make a hair pack. Apply this and let it dry. After some time wash it off with clean water.

(4) Wash your hair with amla, areetha and shikakai as they are the agent to maintain the hair colour.

(5) Go for a head massage with cider vinegar, will keeps the hair from getting dry and also brings back the lost shine.

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