Saturday, December 4, 2010

Natural Acne Treatments – Use always Genuine Source

Do you want to get perfect and quick Acne Solutions, then have to go with Genuine Acne Treatment.

Infact, this disease treatment in one of the main biggest gossip topics for all teenage girls nowadays.

(1) One of mine College friend who is Skin Care adviser right now, told me that, Aloe Vera Cream gels is latest trendy way to get rid of it to recovering the damaged skin.

(2) Another one is Boiled milk mixed with gram flour is very effectual for it.

(3) You should apply cooked tea bags and mixed with dried basil for 20 minutes with a cotton ball.

(4) First take approximately 2 liters of water and make pack of Raspberry, Strawberry and Blackberry and then apply it on marks.

(5) Honey and Cinnamon Powder as a paste at night before sleeping and removing it the next day.

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