Monday, July 26, 2010

Male Skin Care Tips - To Achieve Younger Smoother Skin for Impressive Look

Many men do not take the time to care for their skin. They shave and perhaps use an aftershave and that is the extent of it. Male skin care is easy and can lead to results that will please them in the long run. The best skin care cream should contain Witch Hazel to specifically address all the problems associated with shaving.

Your skin is the first line of defense against germs and disease. Keeping pores clear will have multiple benefits not the least of which is it will make the skin feel better. Oils that are naturally produced by the skin can get trapped in the pores and clog them. This can lead to acne and infections.

A simple cleansing twice a day keeps them clean and healthier. There is no need to buy a fancy cleanser; a gentle facial soap is sufficient. Check to be sure the soap is recommended for faces and that is does not contain any fragrances or deodorants. All you need is a quick wash in the morning and again before bed.

When you do shave, make sure you select a mild shaving cream, gel or lotion. Begin by applying warm water to your face.

This opens the pores, softens the hairs and prepares your face for the shave. Then apply your gel, cream or lotion. Allow it to sit a few moments to set in and soften the skin. Use gentle strokes and do not rush. Rinse afterward with cold water. This will close the pores back up and protect your freshly treated skin.

And while a lot of men do not think about wrinkles until they already appear, there are some very simple things you can do to ward them off. First of all, pay attention to drinking plenty of water. Keeping yourself hydrated will really make a difference.

Drink at least 6 glasses of water each day and more if you drink a lot of dehydrating liquids such as coffee, soda and alcohol.

Other things to do should include regular exercise and maintaining a good diet. Foods rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants are important to good skin. This means fruits and vegetables. Also consider a multivitamin supplement. Avoid greasy and sugary foods.

And most importantly a good line of male skin care will finish off the effort. Using natural products will greatly enhance your appearance giving you the skin you have always wanted. Be sure to check the label of any product before purchasing and ensure it contains natural ingredients specifically formulated to address all the skin care needs of a man.

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