Monday, November 23, 2009

Health Tips Facts – Menopause Definition,Symptoms,Causes,Treatments,Cures

What is Menopause/ Menopause Definition:-

Menopause is the permanent shutting down of the female reproductive system, a considerable length of time before the end of the lifespan. Menopause occurs in a variety of animals, including humans. It is usually a natural process. The word consists of two Greek words meno (month) and pausis (a halt).

Menopause Causes:-

The causes of menopause can be considered from complementary proximate (mechanistic) and ultimate (adaptive evolutionary) perspectives.

Menopause Symptoms Signs:-

(1) Allergy symptoms

(2) Chronic fatigue and morning sluggishness

(3) Craving sweets, caffeine and carbohydrates with unstable blood sugar levels

(4) Depression, anxiety and mood swings

(5) Endometriosis

(6) Facial hair growth

(7) Hair loss, thinning hair

(8) Low metabolism

(9) Symptoms of low thyroid with normal T3 and T4 levels

(10) Urinary tract and yeast infections

(11) Uterine fibroids

(12) Water retention, unexplained weight gain especially in hips, waist and stomach

Menopause Cures Care Treatments:-

Menopause treatments for hot flushes involve consumption of natural products like soy and tofu that contain natural estrogens. One can have them in raw or cooked form. Scientific studies indicate that soy definitely reduces hot flushes.

Another very popular menopause treatment is hormone replacement therapy. This therapy involves taking the estrogen and progesterone hormones orally or in the form of topical creams. Women who have their uterus intact must take both hormones in regulated doses. It is important to decide the dose as per the doctor's directions since the intake varies from person to person.

Menopause treatment begins with a change in a woman's dietary habits. One has to take calcium in the form of tablets or in natural dairy products and vegetables. She must decrease consumption of caffeine products like tea and coffee. This is helpful in preserving bone density and increases absorption of calcium.

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  1. A holistic approach to suppressing my wife's menopausal symptoms she decided to undergo bioidentical hormone therapy and has been feeling better every month she has been on it. She is feeling more energy, better sleep, and overall healthier. Do some research and don't use synthetics!