Saturday, August 8, 2009

Health Tips Facts-Autism Symptoms,Causes,Treatment,Types, Awareness

What is Autism?

Autism Definition:-

Autism refers to a spectrum of disorders where the child presents with an impairment in social interaction skills, communication skills and demonstrates restricted or repetitive stereotypical type behaviors.

Autism is normally seen in a kid when he or she is between a year and half to 3 years old.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability which affects the child's ability to understand what he / she sees, hears and senses resulting in problems in social interaction, communication skills and unusual behavior and interests.

Autism Types:-

There are five types of Autism,

(1) Classic Autism(2) Aspergers Syndrome (3) Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (4) Rett Syndrome (5) Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Autism Symptoms Signs:-

(1) If a Child does not look you in the eye, does not look intently at toys, or will not search with their eyes when their name is called can be an early warning sign of autism.

(2) A Child who shows no facial emotions, such as grimacing or exuberance or anger or fear.

(3) A Child who doesn't mimic your actions, whether it's smiling, scowling or waving your hand.

(4) A Child who will not try to create consonant sounds, or imitate the sounds you make when you talk to him or her.

(5) A Child who is not energized by the objects he or she looks at.

Autism Causes:-

There are physical bases for autism’s development including genetic,infectious, and traumatic factors. Viral infection including rubella during the first trimester of pregnancy, have been studied as possible causes of autism. Children with Fragile X syndrome or tuberous sclerosis have higher rates of autism than the general population.

Autism affects males four times more often than females, and there is a genetic basis for the disease.

Contrary to previous notions, autism is not caused by upbringing.

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