Monday, June 1, 2009

Magnetic Therapy Benefits

Amongst the array of alternative healing therapies that are in use today, the name of magnetic therapy also occupies a place.

It is basically a complementary and alternative medicine practice, which involves the use of static magnetic fields.

The core of this therapy lies in the fact that the human body as well as the earth operate under a magnetic field.

As, and when, there arises a disturbance between the magnetic power of the body and the earth; physical problems are experienced by a person.

Magnetic field therapy intends to treat the problems, by balancing the magnetic power of the body with that of the earth and covering up the magnetic deficiency arising in the former.

Looking back into the past, we see that magnetic therapy has been in use since the ancient times.

However, the use of marbles, for healing purposes, has gained popularity mainly over the past decade.

Though there are no certifiable proofs in relation to the advantages of magnet field therapy, many people claim to have vastly benefited from it, especially those suffering from depression and various muscular pains.

Health Benefits Of Magnetic Field Therapy :-

(1) Magnetic therapy has been seen to provide relief from ailments like arthritis, Achilles tendon and tendonitis.
(2) Those suffering from back bone problems have discovered immense respite after going through the therapy.
(3) If you are suffering from muscular pains, you would find magnet field therapy to be of great help.
(4) The therapy has been found to have helped in the treatment of patients suffering from sciatica and even lumbar spondylitis.
(5) Magnetic therapy comes to the aid of people who are trying to lose weight and gain back their figure.
(6) The therapy has been effectively used to heal chronic headache in a large number of people.
(7) It has been claimed that magnetic field therapy helps improve blood circulation and also increases blood oxygen.
(8) The therapy has been found to help decrease the deposition of toxic materials in the walls of blood vessels.
(9) Apart from aiding the patients of high blood pressure, magnetic therapy has been effectively used to treat depression.
(10) The people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome have been claimed to have benefited from the therapy.
(11) Magnetic field therapy has been successfully applied in the alleviation of post-surgery pain.
(12) Many people have derived stress-reduction benefits from the therapy. Some also claim it to be the perfect treatment for insomnia.
(13) People experience an increase in their energy levels, after going through magnetic therapy.
(14) This therapy has helped many people successfully get over circulatory problems.
(15) Magnetic Field therapy has been seen to have anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and even faster-healing benefit.

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